We all know that having a website is the most crucial part about owning a business regardless of the size. A website offers credibility, brand recognition and a wider reach compared to solely relying on your businesses physical presence. Having a website is a great way to lower operational costs and provide 24/7 unlimited access to your business information for both customers and businesses, regardless of your location.

However, nowadays we see a lot of outdated and unmanageable websites, which is detrimental in today’s digital age. Inaccurate information is worse than no information at all! Therefore, making sure you choose the right Content Management System (CMS) is so important for your ongoing content management. 

This is where WordPress comes in. WordPress is a popular platform that offers user-friendly solutions for many businesses. This platform is a user-friendly platform that simplifies website creation and management. Often referred to as a CMS, it allows users to add, edit and publish content like text, images and videos without needing the knowledge of extensive coding. 

WordPress was originally designed for blogging but has now become more versatile and allows users to build various websites, from business pages and online stores to creative portfolios. 

Within the system they offer a large library of free and paid themes and plugins, which users can utilise to customise their websites design and functionality to perfectly match what they want. 

The open-source nature of WordPress means that it is a great cost-effective solution, as the core of the software is free to use and modify. As a whole WordPress breaks down technical barriers, allowing anyone to build and manage their professional website without needing the knowledge of coding. 

At Citizen, WordPress has been our trusted web development platform for decades now. We have an extensive knowledge base on the system and understand its full capabilities to create websites for a diverse range of industries. WordPress’s built-in features allows us to tailor our clients websites to their every need. Our knowledge on WordPress positions us to confidently share our reasons why WordPress remains a top choice for a content management system.

WordPress’s Popularity

WordPress is for sure in high demand with a staggering 43.1% share of all websites and an even greater figure of 62.9% dominance within content management systems, which translates into an obvious widespread user familiarity.

This familiarity spans across individual creators to large corporations, making it a known platform to many. We know that using WordPress offers several advantages, firstly, staff and collaborators are more likely to have prior experience with the system and secondly, the vast amount of people that use WordPress means there is a large community that allows you access to external support from agencies and specialists that are familiar with the platform.

A System That is Future proof

When you first invest into your website, whether it be your first online appearance or a revamp of an existing website, you want a peace of mind regarding its longevity. In today’s rapidly growing digital age, getting stuck with an outdated website can be detrimental. Imagine a website clearly lagging behind the fast evolving digital scene, with limited options for improvement, which would then result in a costly rebuild. 

WordPress definitely stands out in this regard. As the fastest growing CMS it clearly shows that WordPress boasts consistent user base growth (adding 9.3% in 2021 alone).


A significant advantage to WordPress is its impressive scalability. It can cater to a vast spectrum of users, from small businesses to massive global corporations. WordPress can handle it all. The scalability of WordPress is further emphasised by the trust large organisations like Sony Music and The Rolling Stones place in WordPress. 

WordPress’s SEO capabilities

Today’s competitive online environment means that a strong website presence is no longer enough. As the digital landscape is becoming more saturated, websites need to actively climb up the search engine ladder to be noticed by users. This is where search engine optimisation and WordPress go hand in hand. 

The system itself offers built-in SEO features to help boost your SEO presence. WordPress offers a wide range of SEO plugins that cater to both basic and advanced optimisation. These plugins provide additional functionalities and tools to help refine your website’s rankings even further. Due to these plugins being maintained by third-party specialists, they receive frequent updates to stay aligned with the ever-changing search engine algorithms. 

WordPress is the king of user-friendliness

While the platform offers flexibility for internal management, it doesn’t actually require you to have extensive technical knowledge like coding etc. You can easily get started and manage your website yourself! WordPress’s impressive user interface allows users to explore and make edits without needing extensive knowledge in coding etc.

One thing that is great about WordPress is that they understand that not everyone will understand it straight away so they offer additional support. There are a wealth of resources that exist to support users such as online courses, online communities, free tutorials on platforms like YouTube and companies that specialise in WordPress

Free and open-source platform

WordPress itself is a great free and open-source to all that offers several advantages. Firstly, unlike proprietary software, it eliminates the licensing fees that normally come with CMS’s. This makes it a budget-friendly choice for users of all financial backgrounds. Secondly, WordPress thrives due to its large and active community. This supports users with ongoing developments and continuous support. 

While professional WordPress services like hosting providers, web designers, developers and agencies (like ourselves) can be valuable for complex website needs, the core of WordPress boasts significant advantages due to the fact it is free and is an open-source. Making it a great content management system for users of all levels. 

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