The marketing landscape is constantly evolving, and when the industry evolves we must evolve with it to succeed. 

2023 has proven to be a game-changer within marketing, with tons of new and exciting developments happening constantly. But, I think we can all agree that AI alone has dominated 2023, with over 61% of marketers now using AI in their day-to-day activities. 

Market trends such as sustainable shopping and influencer marketing also have accelerated in 2023 and we predict it will continue to accelerate in 2024. 

Here are our top predictions of marketing trends likely to grow in 2024. 

  1. Social platforms will continue to dominate as a search engine
  2. AI will continue to develop and support marketers 
  3. Voice search and SEO to play a big part in marketing efforts
  4. Personalised Marketing to gain popularity
  5. Social media marketplace set to gain significant traction
  6. Long-form video content to make a comeback
  7. Influencer marketing to shift
  8. Mobile optimisation to play a key role in website performance
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  1. Social platforms continue to dominate as a search engine

Google Search? Nah, Social Media is where the real buzz is!

If your looking for the real deal and want to skip the algorithm generated results, social media is where it is at. Offering genuine insights and authentic advice. 

It is predicted that social media platforms will pose a threat to mighty Google as the go-to source for information seekers. TikTok, with its integration of Google search results and tools such as keyword insights, is going to be leading the charge in 2024. 

And get this: social media is now the second most popular way for Gen Z to research their shopping decisions! 

Back in the day, social media SEO was mostly about keyword optimisation in captions and profiles. But now, it’s all about understanding search intent and delivering engaging, educational content (we call it edutainment).

Social search is still in its early days, but as these platforms keep refining their search functions, we can see this trend dominating the social media landscape for years to come.

  1. AI will continue to develop and support marketers 

We think it is fair to say that AI in marketing has dominated 2023, with around over 61% of marketers now using AI in their day-to-day activities 

However in 2024 we predict that AI personalisation is set to revolutionise how brands engage with their audiences. 

Marketers will continue to rely on AI algorithms to analyse vast amounts of data which will enable them to create highly focused and personalised experiences for consumers. AI will be at the forefront of every marketers mind when it comes to creating personalised content or even pricing tactics. 

We predict that AI is going to refine marketing strategies and drive higher levels of engagement and conversions in 2024. If your not using AI yet, where have you been, also your missing out big time! 

  1. Voice search and SEO to play a big part in marketing efforts

We are positive voice search is going to play a bit part in 2024. Voice search is the new wave of the future with over 125 million voice search users and the rise of smart assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, 2024 is going to be the year you need to rethink your content strategy.

Voice search is all about typing in your natural language. Ditch those complicated keywords and start talking like a human being. Your audience will thank you for it. 

Structured data is the secret sauce, it will help your site rank higher in voice search results. It is like giving Google a map to your content, making it easier for voice assistants to find what you are offering.

  1. Personalised Marketing to gain popularity

Personalisation is no longer just a buzzword in the marketing world; it is the key to unlocking the hearts and the wallets of your customers. 

But until now, personalisation has been confined to broad audience assumptions, for example tailoring an in-store digital campaign based on the weather outside. While it is clever, it doesn’t go very far.  

In 2024 we expect to see a rise and a real need for customisable content, this is all about reaching that specific customer and providing them with the message they need in that moment, while connecting it to your product or service. 

Already marketers are starting to break down the walls between media insights and production, but we reckon we can see a rise of this in 2024. 

In 2023 we discovered how to tap into juicy details of how customers respond to our content. Whether they click, purchase, or engage in a particular way. 

This development allows us as marketers to optimise our content to the point of utter perfection. 

  1. Social media marketplace set to gain significant traction in 2024

2024 is going to be the era we embrace social commerce! We have already seen the growth of social shopping in 2023 and boy has it grown fast! This game-changing trend is set to transform the way we interact with products and services, seamlessly blending social media with eCommerce. 

Shoppers can now make purchases directly through their favourite social media apps with no need to navigate between websites and browser tabs. Social commerce is not just about convenience, it is about creating a more engaging shopping experience. 

Social commerce presents all businesses, wether you offer a service or a product, a golden opportunity to tap into a large audience of potential customers and boost overall sales. 

  1. Long-form video content to make a come back

After the whirlwind of short-from video domination, it may seem like madness to suggest that longer videos are going to make a come back. But we reckon it is true, long-form videos are about to make a comeback!

And when we say longer videos, we’re not talking extended features. Unless your in a niche that thrives on lengthy content like YouTube video essays, we’re talking a sweet spot of two to five minutes per video, replacing the reign of the under-a-minute format. 

There are a few reasons why we are predicting a rise in the algorithm’s love for meatier videos this year. 

First, the big platforms are clearly embracing long video formats. Instagram reels can now stretch up to 15 minutes, while TikTok is reportedly testing the same length. And X (Twitter) has rolled out its premium subscription, allowing paid users to upload videos of up to two hours long.

It is time to dust off your storytelling skills and create videos that captivate audiences. 

  1. Influencer marketing to shift

It is rumoured that in 2024 we can expect a major shift in influencer marketing. It is predicted that the focus will shift from mega influencers with massive followings to micro and nano influencers with smaller yet fiercely loyal audiences. 

Although there is predicted to be a mega shift in influencer marketing, authenticity and niche relevance will still reign supreme, taking centre stage over follower numbers. Brands will prioritise partnerships with these niche-focused creators who deeply understand their target audience’s interests and preferences.

  1. Mobile optimisation to play a key role in website performance

In today’s technology led world, mobile is definitely the driving force and failing to optimise your website for mobile users could seriously harm your performance. 

In 2024 we think we can see the number of people accessing websites via mobile rise rapidly! 

With over half of the global traffic originating from mobile, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to connect with a vast audience if your website is not optimised for mobile.

When it comes to optimising your website, it is all about embracing the limited screen space and adapt your design accordingly. Ditch those lengthy navigation bars and embrace the power of what are known as ‘hamburger menus’, allowing users to easily access key features with a simple tap. 

Going into 2024, think about whether your website is fully mobile-optimised. Need a hand with this? Feel free to get in touch with us. 

As we buckle up for a new year and say a fond farewell to 2023, we predict the marketing landscape is set for several changes. With the topics discussed in this blog becoming more crucial than ever, the future of marketing looks exciting.

Are you ready for 2024?