Citizen is kicking off Q1 of the 23/24 financial year in style by adding financial powerhouse Nasdaq to its client portfolio.

Nasdaq is a global financial and technology company that champions growth and prosperity, creating opportunities for markets and economies of all sizes.

The Nasdaq Stock Market is the most active US stock trading platform in terms of volume and second only to the New York Stock Exchange in terms of market capitalisation.

Following an internal restructure allowing regional teams to utilise local talent and resources instead of relying on centralised marketing, Citizen were asked to meet with the UK team in London. Since then, Citizen has been working closely with the UK and Europe teams on a number of exciting projects.

The first of those projects was to launch a new product, Custom Basket Forwards. Watch the launch film here that Citizen created.


Cecile Guilloux, Lead Marketing Specialist at Nasdaq Stockholm, said: “With Citizen, we have found a fantastic partner agency which is very easy to work with, responsible and responsive. The Custom Basket Forward video was the first project we collaborated on and we were very impressed by how they managed to translate a complex financial product into a simple and engaging visual concept! We’re now working with them on new projects and are excited to see them bring more concepts to life.” 

Sam Britton, Client Services Director at Citizen, said: “It’s been a joy to sink our teeth into something new. Nasdaq is our first financial services client, which has been great for the team to learn about a new area and for the Nasdaq team to get some fresh thinking.” 

“We’re already working on our second and third films with the Stockholm team and are discussing events and digital projects with the UK teams. Very exciting times indeed.”

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