The Pride movement is all about celebrating being completely open about yourself and your identity, however, you may identify. With this in mind, Citizen has created the ‘Celebrate Your Identity This Pride’ campaign, which features thumbprints coloured in the various subgroups that make up the Progressive Pride flag.

The Pride flag incorporates elements from various LGBTQ+ subcultures, and the most recent Progressive Pride flag is made up of the following colours and groups. When originally conceived in 1978 by artist and activist Gilbert Baker, this is what the original colours represented, now with additional representation.

  • Red represents life
  • Orange represents healing
  • Yellow represents new ideas
  • Green represents prosperity
  • Blue represents serenity
  • Violet represents spirit
  • Black/brown represents people of colour
  • White/blue/pink represents the trans community
  • The yellow with a purple circle represents intersex people

Though over time, these colours have grown to represent different things to the many unique members of the LGBTQ+ community, many of which now have their own flags.

The original concepts for this year’s campaign proposed to EE were reviewed by the LGBTQ+ committee from the wider BT Group (EE, BT and Plusnet). Colleagues were asked how they would like to be represented in this year’s campaign. This feedback directly contributed to the chosen concept and the final campaign.

Original Concept:

Screenshot 2023 05 30 At 08.44.04

Final Birmingham Store Wrap:

Img 3431   Img 3444

Members of the LGBTQ+ committee were asked what colours from the Progressive Pride flag they identified with and wanted to be represented by. These colour combinations are the ones used throughout the campaign on both the printed store vinyls as well as the video and digital executions. The Pride campaign will be displayed in store fronts at key EE locations across the United Kingdom to coincide with Pride celebrations throughout the summer (see full list of dates below).

Speaking about the collaboration, Sam Britton, Client Services Director at Citizen, expressed their excitement and gratitude for the longstanding partnership with EE. They stated, “We are thrilled to continue our decade-long journey with EE and contribute to their impactful Pride campaign. Last year’s ‘Bursting With Pride’ campaign was such a success we gave ourselves the almost impossible task of coming up with another campaign that was as striking. But I think our creative team has outdone themselves yet again with this year’s effort.”

Nicola Gibson, Retail Marketing Manager at EE, said: “We are pleased that we have been able to represent our colleagues in such a meaningful way. It has been great to see the creativity and thought that has gone into this important campaign, with the work really showcasing our shared vision for inclusivity”.

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