In a move to enhance its online presence and provide an enriched user experience, The Woodman Restaurant in Shropshire, England, approached Citizen Communications to design and develop its brand-new WordPress website. The elegantly designed and user-friendly site, now live at, is a testament to the dedication of The Woodman’s new management.

The expert team at Citizen, a leading digital solutions provider, took the reins to design and develop the website. This collaborative effort has resulted in a seamless, secure, and appealing experience that reflects The Woodman Restaurant’s charm and hospitality.

Citizen’s digital marketing team played a pivotal role in optimising the website for search engines (SEO), ensuring that those searching for dining experiences in the Shropshire region could easily find The Woodman.

“We are thrilled to have partnered with The Woodman Restaurant on this exciting project,” said Sam Britton, Client Services Director for Citizen. “Our team has created a website that mirrors the unique atmosphere and culinary excellence of The Woodman. It was essential for us to not only enhance the visual appeal but also provide a smooth navigation experience for users and to improve the SEO of the old site.”

Moreover, The Woodman’s new website will be hosted and maintained by Citizen on their  Citcom Suite platform. This ensures ongoing reliability, security, and performance for the site, giving users a consistently excellent online experience.

Visitors to can now explore the restaurant’s food and drink menus, learn about special occasions, and contact and book the restaurant. 


"The decision to revamp our website was a no-brainer when we saw the designs from the Citizen team. Citizen's expertise and dedication to understanding our unique identity have resulted in a website that truly represents the essence of The Woodman. We are excited to offer our patrons and potential guests a web experience that complements the exceptional dining destination we provide."
- Maria Gray, co-owner of The Woodman Restaurant.
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