The Requirement 

The EE SoHo (Small office/Home office) team came to us in need of support to create sales aids to keep new tariff details fresh in the minds of the sales representatives. These sales aids were to be used across various EE & BT contact centres (Manchester, Glasgow, Sunderland and Belfast). With almost 400 small business sales representatives needing to be briefed on new tariffs, it was a large task for EE & BT to undertake. 

Once briefed, the SoHo team had chosen to support their sales representatives by creating printed sales aids to help them get to know the new small business tariffs in more detail and make sure they were always front of mind. This is where we stepped in to lend a hand.

The Process

We had quite a tight turnaround with the new tariffs going live at the start of February and work starting on the project at the beginning of January. However, this wasn’t an issue for our team here at Citizen. Concepts were handed over at the beginning of January for SoHo to decide on the final creative. We had an overarching theme of Air Freshener tags (Get it? For fresher tariffs, we thought it was quite clever). We created various mock ups and ideas then EE whittled it down to two options.

The first option was a desktop tent card which had a summary of the tariff details, what was new and the most important facts. These were distributed to all four contact centre locations, ready at hand  to remind the team of all the facts when hitting the phones.

The second option was for the larger offices only. We created a floor standing air freshener shaped trees with hanging cards that picked out the high level detail of the tariff refresh.

Sustainability is a huge factor for all EE & BT activity, and for us here at Citizen too. EE & BT emphasised the importance of being environmentally aware, and they wanted the creatives to be either made of recycled materials or be recyclable after use. All assets were made of recyclable materials, and the freestanding tree was designed in a way that the individual hanging cards can easily be changed when there is a new tariff refresh. This saves changing the whole creative whenever there is an update to the tariffs. 

Once the designs were agreed, we created a bespoke cutter guide in order to print and cut each asset. As these were bespoke creations we printed a dummy run and tested the functionality to ensure it worked and was suitable. We then took great care in delivering these sales aids to make sure they arrived in good condition.

The Results

The fresher tariffs and internal sales aids were a hit. Having pictures sent in from around the EE & BT offices with smiles on peoples faces is the best review we could get. 

The purpose was to help keep the tariff updates front of mind, and they certainly have. They are hard to miss!

Fresher tariffs EE desktop Fresher tariffs EE desk Fresher tariffs EE freestanding tree asset

If you need require bespoke printing for any purpose, internal or external communications, please get in touch with our team at Citizen. 

"“Working with Citizen on this project has been great, and even with a tight deadline the team managed to test the idea so we had confidence in the concept. They have been a hit with the SoHo teams helping them provide the best possible service to our customers.”"
- Lucy Davis, Channel Marketing Manager SoHo Sales Channels