The requirement

We all know that Europcar provide a car and van rental service. However, not many know that electric vehicles are part of this offering. We were tasked by Europcar to create a short video to showcase their electric vehicles. Making sure that the video included a range of electric vehicles, demonstrated the customer experience and portrayed the many benefits of renting electric vehicles, all in 30 seconds. 

The purpose of this project was to create a short engaging video showcasing the range of electric vehicles available to rent for B2B and B2C users. The video was to then be first used as part of a LinkedIn campaign to generate interest and leads. 

The process

The team started by putting together a script and storyboard to depict the customer journey when entering a Europcar branch to collect a vehicle. The storyboard board started at the Wolverhampton Europcar branch showing a customer entering to collect her car, a Tesla Model 3. It then went on to highlight the benefits of renting an electric vehicle as well as showing the range of vehicles throughout the film in subtle ways.

As well as script writing and storyboarding, we also casted an actress to pose as the customer in the film and a voice over artist.

With the script and storyboard in place we made our way to the Wolverhampton Europcar branch as this location had recently had a refurb and now looks stunning with the new Europcar branding. 

Unfortunately, weather-wise it was a dull start to the morning, we were concerned that filming may not be able to continue. However, we pressed on with filming to get the indoor content needed for the video. Luckily, as we approached lunch time the day brightened up and we were able to head off to the second location, central Birmingham. Here we captured shots of the ‘customer’ driving. The weather got even better so we swiftly moved on the the third and final location in Shentstone. We went to a great location perfect for some stunning drone shots of the Tesla being driven down a road through trees surrounded by vast green fields. This was the perfect setting to help describe the sustainable benefits of renting electric vehicles.

The results

The campaign is currently running so we will update you on the success once it’s complete. But we are very proud of the final video. A short, punchy, casual but corporate focused film which depicts the range of Europcar electric vehicles. We will let the video speak for itself though, you can view the short film below.


"It was a pleasure working with Citizen on our latest video to promote our growing range of electric vehicles. As clients we were involved every step of the way from idea generation to voice over casting, even getting to feature in the video myself. Citizen and the team nailed the brief and provided a fantastic video which is an integral part of our LinkedIn campaign."
- Tom Middleditch, Europcar, Professional Service Line Product Marketing Manager