EE, the UK’s best network, sought to engage their sales representatives and promote EE Roaming updates through an engaging internal campaign. The objective was to create a buzz among SoHo (Small Office/Home Office) and SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise) sales representatives, highlighting the benefits of the EE Roaming service.

EE wanted to develop a campaign that would involve onsite activation activities, a digital game for those who are not desk-based, edible treats, desk aids, prizes, and multiple digital creative assets. The campaign needed to have an overall travel-themed creative, aligned with the recent updates and EE Roaming offerings. The aim was to educate and engage SoHo and SME teams about the offer through various channels, such as briefings, portal posts/banners, newsletters, workplace communications, and digital signage.

The Process:
Concept Development:

  • Several concepts were explored, all centred around the overarching theme of travel and EE Roaming
  • Activation ideas for physical activities and food treats were suggested
  • A variety of options were also given for remote/travelling members of the team

Creative Execution:

  • Once a concept was selected by EE, the main creative was developed
  • Multiple digital assets were created, including a leaderboard for tracking sales, a spot-the-difference game, a photo booth backdrop, and branded paper plane templates

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On-Site Activities:

  • A VR experience was the activity of choice – allowing the sales representatives to experience roaming the world from their desk
  • The VR headsets and photo booths with props were organised and delivered to four UK-based EE contact centres
  • Sweet and savoury treats were also provided to accompany the on-site activities

Prize Processing:

  • Personalised prizes such as towels, luggage tags, and accessories cases were processed for distribution.

The Result: 

On the week of activation, Emily Hyde, Account Manager at Citizen, visited the Doxford site to see the campaign in action. The EE sales representatives enthusiastically participated in all the activities, showcasing a high level of engagement. 

Sales representatives embraced the campaign, actively participating in the on-site activities and digital experiences. The VR headsets provided an immersive travel experience, allowing everyone to explore destinations from the comfort of their desks. The paper plane templates sparked friendly competition and a bit of office fun, with people seeing who could fly their plane the furthest.

The campaign received positive feedback from EE sales representatives and management who appreciated the interactive and engaging nature of the activities. The overall theme of travel resonated well with the audience, making the campaign relatable and enjoyable.

The EE Roaming campaign successfully achieved its objective of engaging SoHo and SME sales representatives with the recent updates. Ultimately, the campaign generated a “buzz” and successfully educated the sales team about the benefits of EE Roaming.

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