We’ve been working with The Supercar Rooms for a decade or more, helping with print and marketing advice. More recently we overhauled their website, bringing it in line with the stylish, luxury brand they have come to be. Following the launch we were tasked with helping increase leads and sales for their servicing department.


What did the client want and need?

The team at The Supercar Rooms have never had a problem selling cars. They have a great network of high net worth individuals in the market to sell and buy these beautiful machines. What they wanted to do was increase the revenue of the other half of the business, the servicing department, that would hopefully become the company’s ‘bread and butter’.


Where did we start?

We began by agreeing on the company’s strengths within the servicing department and what is most profitable for them. We focussed the paid campaign on well-known supercar brands that Supercar Rooms have great expertise in. These included Aston Martin, Ferrari and Lamborghini. 


What was the final outcome?

As Neal puts it below, the numbers don’t lie. Due to James’ hard work with the SEO we saw a 90% spike in traffic on the websites servicing pages. But more importantly, The Supercar Rooms have had 20+ brand new servicing customers as a result of the PPC campaign, which has meant a 400% return on their investment.

"Citizen have been able to demonstrate the value of a solid digital marketing strategy. The directors of the business were initially sceptical with the predictions, but the numbers do not lie. Within three months we can directly attribute 20 new customers to the PPC campaign with a 400% ROI on our Google ad spend."
- Neal Frost, Servicing Manager, The Supercar Rooms