Recently we were tasked with developing a brand-new website for DAVIS License Check, part of the Ebbon Group. We’ve been working with the wider Ebbon Group – a group of companies, including DAVIS,  Ebbon-Dacs and GKL Leasing – for over a decade. This latest web project coincided with a recent rebrand for DAVIS, which would form the basis of the look and feel of the new site, while the functionality was to offer DAVIS greater flexibility, control and measurement over their content.

What did the client need?

The incumbent site needed a refresh; DAVIS needed a solution which better reflected their 21st century product and brand, and their content editors needed more flexibility to change existing pages and add new pages for regular marketing campaigns.

Where did we start?

Collaboration! The best way to fully deliver on DAVIS’ brief was to have open discussions with Katy (Head of Marketing) and her team, discussing comparative websites to see what they liked, what they wanted to avoid and their competitors.

We dived head-first into their new branding, discovering which elements would work well when translated onto a fully responsive website, and which elements we could utilise in imagery, graphics, or video content.

How did we help develop the solution?

After much back-and-forth in the planning stage to ensure we got every detail spot on, we set out to design a clear and concise website, taking full advantage of the vibrant, bold colour scheme of the DAVIS brand. It was important that the first thing visitors saw was eye-catching and engaging and the product is software and therefore intangible. Our design team took inspiration from the DAVIS logo to create unique shapes and content blocks throughout the site, shaped to match the logo itself – much to the dismay of the developers who’d obviously prefer right angles!

Davis Case Study Side Image 2

While our studio team got to work building wireframes and initial designs, our developers planned a back-end that would suit the needs of the marketing team. The goal was to be simple and intuitive, while providing the flexibility to create and modify content throughout the site with ease.

Each page was designed, approved, and then developed one-by-one, ensuring DAVIS was happy with every little detail before it proceeded to build. This streamlined approach allowed for the design to be tweaked before it reached the development team, resulting in less delays, faster development time, and improved build quality.

What was the final outcome?

The switch over from old to new went off without a hitch thanks to meticulous planning. The site saw almost no downturn in web traffic, which is incredibly rare when sites are switched over and visitor numbers have increased ever since launch.

We’re now also managing DAVIS ongoing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns to ensure the website is performing well and prospects are being targeted.

"Designing a brand new website is never straightforward but the team at Citizen made the entire process smooth, straightforward and even enjoyable. The team really understood the brief and have delivered a website that not only looks great, but has some quality bespoke design elements which help elevate our web space."
- Katy Holding, Head of Marketing, DAVIS