Europcar’s recent relocation of their head office in Leicester marked the start of a new chapter however the white walls lacked the vibrancy their brand is known for.

Europcar turned to Citizen asking to infuse life into the workspace, bringing the Europcar Mobility Group branding to the forefront.

The challenge was to introduce colour strategically across three floors, meeting rooms, reception, cafeteria, and the post room, aligning with the brand’s dynamic identity.

The Process:

It really was a blank canvas, this presented an opportunity for us to introduce a harmonious blend of colour, staying true to the brand’s essence and strong brand image while maintaining a clean and simple aesthetic. 

Focusing on the ‘flow’ element of Europcar’s branding we devised a strategy to subtly infuse colour throughout the office spaces. Having both the walls and the pillars to brand we matched the design for a cohesive look. 

There were 20 office wall graphics in total, with the addition of 14 pillar wraps. We love the naming convention for the ‘flows’, with each being a gorgeous gradient; Borealis, Caribbean, Sky Blue, Salmon, Flamingo and Sun. 

Can you guess which one is which out of these colours Caribbean, Sun and Borealis? 

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Each flow varied in size to fit the individual walls and rooms, with the largest sizing up at 5050mm (h) x 6000mm (w), and the smallest at 3650mm (h) x 4332mm (w).

We provided room-by-room mock-ups of the various ‘flows’ in each location. Once approved, we moved on to print production and fitting.

As part of the wider process, we also conducted site visits applying test prints to guarantee the suitability of the substrate and to align every detail with Europcar’s vision.

The brand’s identity, characterised by the ‘flow’ element, demanded bright and bold colours to infuse energy into the work environment. 

Over the course of five days, our expert team handled the print production, ensuring the accuracy and vibrancy of each element. Once everything was printed, fitting took two days, with two teams of specialist fitters tackling the job.

This comprehensive approach ensured longevity and visual impact, contributing to the overall transformation of the office space.

The Results:

The transformed office space not only reflected Europcar Mobility Group’s brand but also created an environment that exuded energy. 

The strategic use of colour through the 6 variations of ‘flow’ brought a sense of identity and cohesion to the three floors all fostering a positive and engaging atmosphere for employees and visitors.

This project stands as a testament to our creative and technical ability at Citizen to translate a brands image into tangible, uplifting office spaces. For businesses considering a similar office branding transformation, please get in touch with our team. 

"Working with Citizen on our office branding helped bring the space to life. The team's approach turned our blank canvas into a vibrant workspace that perfectly aligns with Europcar's brand identity."
- Matthew Rodgers - Europcar Mobility Group UK & Ireland - Human Resources Director