BT’s Tomorrow’s Talent scheme is a new initiative from the telecommunications giant designed to provide work experience to NEET (Not in Education or Employment) participants.

One of the modules within the scheme was ‘Content Creation’ where the participants were asked by the scheme leaders at BT to create footage to be used to promote the scheme to next year’s intake of participants.

We were tasked with presenting this footage in the most engaging way possible (within the confines of the BT brand) in time for a virtual meeting with the BT bigwigs – in two days time. No pressure then!

Watch the final film below…


What was the key message?

The point of the film was to demonstrate how successful the scheme had been with the current intake of participants, to raise awareness of the scheme both internally and externally as well as promote the scheme to future applicants.

How did we help develop the concept?

Once we had access to the participants’ footage we had to act quickly and get the concept signed off so we had enough time to edit together the final film for the virtual meeting.

We came up with the concept of using an Instagram Stories framing device in order to ask the questions to the participants and for them then to answer. Questions were sent to them via DM or on the Stories and then the footage of them answering would be played. This obviously played well with the main target audience of young people, fluent in social media, but it was also proposed to help overcome the tired title card then answer type format BT had become accustomed to in brand videos.

What was the final outcome?

We hit the deadline and managed to turn around the concept and final film a little over 48 hours after receiving the footage from the participants.