ROC is a well known name in the Spanish construction industry. The company has been providing stellar engineering services and staff relocation for over 10 years.

But when the company began to enter the UK market, it needed advice and support from ourselves in order to launch its two brands, ROC Industrial and ROC Relocation, successfully.

How did we help?

Initially we conducted SEO research to see the volume of traffic for relevant search terms for both brands, also helping inform the naming convention for the second brand, which was ultimately named ROC Relocation.

This SEO and content strategy also helped guide the copywriter when writing the content for websites and brochureware. Making sure it was suitable for both brands and going to perform well search wise.

What about the brand?

We also developed both brands, including logos, fonts, colours and imagery which informed the design of both websites and the corporate brochure.

ROC branding

The results?

We’ve now design, built and launched two websites, one for ROC Industrial and one for ROC Relocation, as well as a Spanish version for ROC Industrial.

The Industrial side of the business now also has a corporate brochure, befitting the company’s knowledge and expertise, that will help the sales team reach new projects, customers and markets. 

"Citizen pulled out all the stops to fulfil our creative brief. They’ve been super friendly and professional, given stellar advice and delivered a really swift turnaround. The two websites and company brochures they’ve produced gave us excellent value for our budget and a brand we’re now very proud of. It’s been a pleasure working with them!"
- Tricia Willis, UK Projects Coordinator, ROC Industrial.