The requirement

Our team has worked with BT for many years across various areas of creative design, development, events and web development. However, this time we were asked for something a little different. A way to engage two groups of BT staff, on two different projects, in two different countries. 

Firstly, the Belfast team were heading back into the offices for the first time, two years after the initial COVID-19 lockdown, and they needed to be welcomed back and boost morale. 

Secondly, a new project was being launched (Project Titanium) for the BT Health sales team, which needed high levels of engagement for the launch.

The purpose of this project was clear. Firstly we had to help welcome the BT Belfast staff back into the main offices after over two years of working from home. BT wanted a simple yet personal approach so we came up with the idea of gift boxes. A little treat for everyone to enjoy so they felt welcomed back. 

We then had to make sure the BT Health team were engaged with the launch of Project Titanium. To incentivise the team to get involved and soak up all the new information being released internally, we used the same mechanism and produced wellbeing gift boxes. This time with an overall theme linking closely with the project.

The solution

To welcome the Belfast team back into the office we created a wellbeing box, armed with items that would help make the office feel a little more homely and comfortable. Teas, coffee, lip balm, moisturiser, wildflower seeds, sustainable bamboo cutlery and sweet treats (naturally).

BT Welcome Back wellbeing boxes

As the Belfast boxes went down a treat, we used employee wellbeing boxes again to boost engagement with Project Titanium for the BT Health team. Sticking with the ‘elements’ theme we aptly titled the box “All the basic elements you need to be at your best!”. We then got to work sourcing, designing, branding and printing various essential items that made up the wellbeing box.

  • Branded hand warmer – to keep your hands warm throughout winter
  • Cadbury’s hot chocolate – a close match to BT purple and a great way to warm you up on a cold day
  • BT marshmallow – because you can’t have a hot chocolate without marshmallows
  • BT heart biscuits – to put a smile on you face and a little snack to keep you going
  • Lavender Yankee Candle – again to tie in the with BT purple and to light when you get home and relax
  • BT earphones – because most people enjoy listening to music or a podcast while they work or to relax
  • BT mindfulness card – a double sided A6 postcard with mental health tips and positive affirmations


The results

It was safe to say that all the wellbeing boxes went down a treat for both teams. This is what the BT project leads had to say about it:

Lucy Davies Channel Marketing Manager SoHo Sales Channels

“We worked with Sam and Emily and the team at Citizen to create care boxes for our Belfast Desk Sales teams for their return to their new office after the COVID–19 restrictions were lifted in Northern Ireland. The entire process was seamless; Citizen listened to the brief to create something which was simple, personal and delivered against our wider Enterprise objectives. The Belfast Desk teams were thrilled with the final outcome and lifted their spirits when they returned to the office with their peers.” 

Angela Hollywood, Desk Centre Manager

“I thought the boxes were beautiful. High quality gifts and it was very clear that a lot of thought had gone into them. The team were really impressed with the fact that the gifts were unique and varied – everybody had a special favourite, I’d say the reusable bamboo cutlery was a particular favourite of mine.”