The Requirement

Every September Apple rolls out the latest range of iPhones, Watches and other hardware and software updates from its Silicon Valley base. This year was no different with the iPhone 15 announcement on September 12th.

Ahead of the announcement, the BT team asked us to develop some ideas for their front line sales teams in contact centres in Glasgow, Belfast, Manchester and Doxford.

The Process

Given we had no idea what the product(s) would be when briefed, the short gaps between announcement and pre-order are impossible to handle turnaround wise, we had to come up with something celebratory related to pre-order and the launch, but not too specific.

Our creative team were briefed and came back to BT with a huge number of ideas covering games (both digital and physical), VR experiences, prizes, merchandise and decorations.

The ideas that landed with the BT team and were taken forward were an apple toss fairground type game, apple themed prizes and sweets as well as over 2,000 donuts, shipped to dozens of addresses to give the sales teams the sugar hit they needed to get them through pre-order day.

We designed and produced the giant EE branded apple tree and sourced all of the other items, including apple branded stress balls to be used for the apple toss game, packed, fulfilled and shipped everything to the four main sites.

Apple Toss September 2023

The Result

The front line sales teams loved the activation games and the goodies on pre-order day, which helped with motivation and morale during what is a super busy period. With one Sales Director commenting that “It was a total surprise. The team is very grateful, thank you.”

"Sam and the Citizen team made executing this launch straightforward and simple for myself and my team. I put them to the test with a tight deadline and lots of deliverables, and they pulled it out of the bag… as always. Thanks again Citizen."
- Eloise West, Channel Marketing Professional, BT