We all know that familiar feeling of being stuck in a marketing rut. And our best advice for getting out of a rut is to allow yourself to become inspired. 

Now, we know how easy information is to access on the internet but as marketing professionals our screen time is through the roof. So trust us when we say books work every time.

Whether you’re a bookworm or not, marketing books can offer invaluable insights and information. Even if a book takes you a year to read, it doesn’t matter, it is a start!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a highly qualified marketing professional or completely new to the world of marketing, marketing books are valuable to everyone no matter your level of expertise. 

But knowing which books are the best on the market is difficult. So think of this blog as your personal marketing bookshelf. Refer to it as and when you please, save it for later, whatever is best for you. 

Happy reading!

If you don’t know who Steven Bartlett is, where have you been? In case you don’t know, Steven Bartlett is a British entrepreneur who is known for appearing as a dragon on Dragons Den. He also has founded many companies with one being his own social media marketing agency. 

His no.1 best seller book ‘The Diary of a CEO: The 33 Laws of Business and Life’ is not a book about business strategy. Strategy changes like the seasons. It is a book about something much more permanent. 

The book focuses on Steven’s success and failure and how they have led him to being exposed to a set of principles that can stand the test of time, apply to any industry and be used by anyone who is in search of building something great or becoming someone great. 

These principles are laid out in his book and give insight into how to achieve success for something or as someone.


368 pages

Audible: Yes

This book is a great reading choice if you are tired of tactics that often flop and profits are plummeting. Watertight Marketing by Bryony Thomas claims to act as a lifejacket in the overwhelming industry we know as marketing. 

Within the book you will find a step-by-step system that teaches you how to attract ideal customers, skyrocket sales, transform your marketing ways as well as how to empower your business. 

Trusted by thousands, this book promises to be your guide to marketing success, with clear instructions, actionable advice and refreshing doses of real talk. 


352 pages

Audible: No

$100M Leads is a book written by Alex Hormozi, a once homeless author who built a $200 million empire in less than a decade – his secret? Lead generation. 

Within the book he claims that most businesses struggle with this, so he has put all of his knowledge into eight secret ‘playbooks’ that work ‘without your permission’. 

You can expect to learn all about;

  • Supercharging sales – how to get 5 new customers, fast!
  • Turn content into leads – mastering the ‘hook-retain-reward’ system
  • Craft ads that make strangers crave your product – discover the six-part ad framework
  • Turn cold leads into hot ones 
  • How to get free advertising – build your own affiliate army to promote your business. 
  • Turning strangers into leads in 14 days

Claimed that readers can start to see results within an hour of reading, it makes it an intriguing book. Apparently It is all just about knowing where to look. 

All of Alex’s secrets are revealed within this book.


279 pages

Audible: Yes

Author Allan Dib, a self proclaimed ‘rebellious marketer’, unveils in his revolutionary one-page framework for creating a rock-solid marketing plan you can implement fast! 

No more time-consuming chaos, just nine simple squares to map out your growth.

The book promises readers new customers, no more ‘big business’ nonsense, sales without the sleaze, a one-page marketing masterpiece, crushing the competition, how to market on a budget and how to charge high prices but keep your customers happy.

The 1-page marketing plan is a perfect read for both newbies and seasoned entrepreneurs seeking a simple, effective, and growth-driven approach to marketing.


232 pages

Audible: Yes

Seth Godin is a renowned marketing author and has written many books. ‘This is Marketing’ is probably his best selling book and was an instant New York Times bestseller. 

This book offers how to do work you’re proud of, whether you’re a tech startup founder, a small business owner or part of a large corporation. 

Seth employs his signature blend of insight, observation, and memorable examples to teach you:

  • How to build trust and permission with your target audience.
  • The art of positioning – deciding not only who it’s for, but who it’s not for.
  • Why the best way to achieve your goals is to help others become who they want to be.
  • Why the old approaches to advertising and branding no longer work.
  • The surprising role of tension in any decision to buy (or not)
  • How marketing is at its core about the stories we tell ourselves about our social status


288 pages

Audible: Yes

‘Social Media ROI’ by Olivier Blanchard is a comprehensive guide that emphasises bringing true business discipline to social media programs and aligning them with organisational goals. 

Blanchard, a renowned branding and marketing expert, presents best practices for strategy, planning, execution, measurement, analysis, and optimisation in the realm of social media.

The book provides practical solutions for structuring programs, attracting followers, defining metrics, and managing crises. Whether one is part of a startup or a global enterprise, the book offers insights to extract more value from every investment made in social media.

Key takeaways from this book include:

  • Aligning social communications with broader business goals and functions.
  • Planning for effective performance measurement.
  • Establishing clarity of vision, purpose, and execution.
  • Implementing guidelines and operations for managing social media effectively.
  • Beginning with listening before engaging in conversations.
  • Integrating social media into long-term marketing programs, short-term campaigns, and brand initiatives.
  • Utilising social media for real-time, optimised customer support.
  • Leveraging mobility and the on-the-fly nature of social media culture.
  • Measuring FRY (Frequency, Reach, and Yield) to gauge social media effectiveness.


Pages: 320 pages

Audible: No

The book is a treasure trove of quick, practical, and easily digestible strategies focused on marketing. It challenges traditional marketing approaches by shedding light on why tactics like focus groups, value-price positioning, discount pricing, and striving to be the best often fall short. 

Readers will discover the crucial role of emotions in influencing prospects and learn effective ways to address them. The book also emphasises the significance of vividness, focus, “anchors”, and stereotypes in marketing strategies.

Drawing from diverse sources such as Halo effects, Cocktail Party effects, and Lake Wobegon effects, the book offers unique insights into consumer behaviour and perception. It explores unconventional parallels, from black holes to grocery lists, illustrating valuable marketing lessons. 

Readers will uncover overlooked ideas for research, presentations, publicity, advertising, and client retention.


Pages: 256 pages

Audible: Yes

“Predictably Irrational” by behavioural economist Dan Ariely delves into the intriguing question of why smart individuals frequently make irrational decisions in their daily lives. Through a blend of wit, originality, and illuminating experiments, Ariely explores the underlying factors behind our illogical behaviours.

The book poses thought-provoking questions such as why a 50p aspirin might seem more effective than a 5p aspirin, why we perceive “free” items as bargains, and why relativity influences our judgments even when it shouldn’t. Ariely argues that irrationality often overrides rational thought due to ingrained patterns within our minds.

By drawing from everyday experiences and a series of compelling experiments, Ariely exposes the quirks of human behaviour and demonstrates how irrationality shapes our decisions. He reveals that understanding these patterns enables us to make better choices in various aspects of life, including business, collective welfare, and personal matters such as weight loss and romantic relationships.

“Predictably Irrational” offers readers a fresh perspective on human behaviour and provides valuable insights into decision-making processes. It serves as a guide for navigating the complexities of our minds and making more informed choices in our daily lives.


Pages: 353 pages

Audible: Yes

The Advertising Effect by Adam Ferrier provides readers with an insider’s perspective on the strategies employed by renowned brands worldwide to influence consumer behaviour. 

Ferrier unveils ten techniques rooted in psychological theory, offering real-world examples of award-winning campaigns to illustrate their effectiveness. Unlike conventional advertising methods that rely on emotional or rational persuasion, Ferrier argues that the most impactful way to alter behaviour is through action.

This book equips readers with a deeper understanding of the strategies behind successful advertising campaigns, empowering marketers and advertisers to create more impactful and compelling messaging. It offers a valuable resource for anyone looking to navigate the complex landscape of advertising and drive meaningful behaviour change in their target audience.


Pages: 240 pages

Audible: Yes

This Seth Godin book challenges the conventional approach of Interruption Marketing, which aims to capture consumers’ attention by interrupting their activities. 

Godin argues that Interruption Marketing, such as TV commercials and telemarketing calls, is becoming increasingly ineffective in today’s digital age where consumers are inundated with messages.

Instead, Permission Marketing proposes a paradigm shift where consumers willingly accept advertising in exchange for incentives. This approach focuses on reaching out to individuals who have expressed interest in a product or service, allowing companies to establish long-term relationships with customers, build trust, and enhance brand awareness.

Godin, a pioneer in internet marketing, introduces this fundamentally different way of thinking about advertising products and services. He emphasises the importance of developing meaningful connections with consumers by respecting their time and preferences. 

Through Permission Marketing, companies can improve marketing effectiveness, increase the likelihood of making sales, and adapt to the evolving landscape of consumer behaviour in the digital era.


Pages: 256 pages

Audible: No

These books offer readers invaluable insights and strategies for professionals no matter the level. You can consider this blog your own personal marketing bookshelf, where you can find all information needed to boost your marketing. Happy reading!