The 9th Worcestershire Apprenticeship Awards occurred at West Midlands Safari Park on November 16, 2023.

This prestigious awards event recognises the outstanding achievements of apprentices, employers, training providers, schools, and apprentice ambassadors across the county.

Over 300 people from various sectors attended the event, celebrating the hard work of those involved in Worcestershire’s apprenticeships.

11 individuals triumphed in 11 distinct fields, highlighting the varied abilities and expertise within the Worcestershire apprenticeship community.

Worcestershire Apprenticeship Awards 2023

Georgia, our Digital Marketing and Social Media Project Coordinator, won the Degree-Level Apprentice of the Year award. 

Georgia is completing her BSc (Hons) Digital Marketing (integrated) Degree apprenticeship through The Development Manager and validated by The University of Wolverhampton. 

Georgia’s digital marketing apprenticeship commenced in June 2022 and throughout the 33 month course apprenticeship programme she will focus on core skills such as; 

Data and analysis, critical thinking, customer service, budgeting and ROI, content creation, planning, strategy and e-commerce, and gaining industry experience here at Citizen.

Georgia’s excellent work in marketing, social media, and her apprenticeship program earned her praise from the judges. 

This award is a testament to her hard work, dedication and passion. And she is only 1 year into her degree! 

The team at Citizen are so proud of Georgia’s achievement and looks forward to seeing what her future holds!

An evening of success

The 9th annual Worcestershire Apprenticeship Awards were a resounding success, showcasing the incredible talent and dedication of apprentices, employers, training providers, schools, and apprentice ambassadors across the county. 

Apprenticeships are important for businesses to develop the skills and talent they need to succeed in a competitive economy.

The awards ceremony honoured several local businesses and clients in addition to Georgia’s success.

Support awards:

The judges named Stourport High School, School of the Year.

Pershore College (Part of WCG) was named Training Provider of the Year.

Michelle Wood from Sanctuary was awarded the Apprenticeship Ambassador of the Year.

Apprentice awards:

Katie Davies from Sanctuary was awarded Intermediate Level Apprentice of the Year.

Cameron Gallamore from Doncasters was awarded Advanced Level Apprentice of the Year.

Ciara Murphy from Phosters FM Ltd was awarded the Higher Level Apprentice of the Year.

Employer awards: 

Olpro received the Small and Medium Apprenticeship Employer of the Year award.

Open GI, who we have the pleasure of working with, was named Worcestershire Apprenticeship Employer of the Year.

Overall awards:

Open GI also won the award of Worcestershire Apprenticeship Employer of the Year.

Cameron Gallamore also won the Worcestershire Apprentice of the Year award.

We are incredibly proud of Georgia’s achievement and are grateful to TDM and the University of Wolverhampton for the support and opportunity.

We would also like to congratulate all of the other winners and nominees at the awards ceremony. Their hard work and commitment are an inspiration.

Apprenticeships play a vital role in developing the skills and talent that businesses need to succeed in today’s competitive economy. 

If you are interested in learning more about apprenticeships, please visit the Worcestershire Apprenticeships website

We will leave you with some of the great pictures from the evening.