Guinness is a popular drink that so many of us enjoy, not just on St. Patrick’s Day but all year round. However, try to contain your shock when you read on to find out how many of us like to sip the smooth stuff on St Paddy’s. Around 15,000,000 pints are put down for the occasion (yes you have read that right), clearly making it one of the most popular St. Paddy’s Day bevvies.

Guinness is renowned for its marketing efforts, especially around St. Patrick’s Day and still to this day Guinness’ advertising remains strong. Some of the best ever in fact. Even when the global pandemic hit and pubs closed, they still remained topical and creative with their ‘We’ll Walk Again’ advert.

Here at Citizen we’ve pulled together our favourite Guinness adverts for you, with some truly iconic picks. Take a look below.

2022 St Patrick’s Day

Surfers wait for the perfect wave


Good things are in our grasp

A St Patrick’s Day message

Made of more

So whether it is a creamy pint, a sparkling Black Velvet, a can of Guinness Draught, a cold bottle of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, a Guinness Smooth or a deliciously indulgent Guinness Nitro Coffee, let’s all raise a pint together this St. Patrick’s Day. It’s in the people, pubs, and pints that we find the magic we’ve missed. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

This blog is not associated with or sponsored by the ‘Black Stuff’. Other stouts are available.