Hyper local media placements were chosen and fed into the concept as well as specific services such as two hour phone repairs.

The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness and drive footfall to the new flagship EE store in the Aldgate region, as well as make a bit of a splash with local out of home sites now EE, BT and Plusnet staff are heading back into the office.

The creatives made the most of their digital poster media sites with subtle, but impactful and eye-catching animations highlighting the close proximity of the store in relation to the chosen media space. They also made the most of their media spots by promoting key services such as two hour phone repairs, appearing as if the digital screens themselves were initially damaged, then magically healing themselves, as if by EE magic.

See all of the animated screens on our YouTube channel.

Nicola Gibson, Communications Manager at BT said:

“I gave the Citizen team a very high profile brief to develop an eye-catching campaign to raise awareness of, and drive footfall to, our new flagship One Braham store. Everyone that works in our London HQ will be seeing this campaign on a daily basis, so it really needed to be impactful and different. We were blown away with the concepts that came back from the Citizen team, and we went ahead with almost all of them!”

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