Forget #MondayMotivation and tired hashtags. Your customers live on social media, and your business should too. Building a thriving online presence is hard when you’re busy running a business. We’ll grow your engagement, visibility and create engaging content while we manage your channels, freeing you to focus on your business. Offering affordable social media management services starting at £550 +VAT/month.
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Social media is a non-negotiable when promoting your business. We are an experienced professionals with over 35+ years of experience. Leave the learning curve to our social media professionals!

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We understand that marketing can be expensive, so outsourcing social media marketing can save you money. 
It is a cost-effective investment.

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Kick back and relax because…yes, we take care of everything, from strategy to engagement. 
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Per Month + VAT
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The perfect social media management for small businesses looking to grow their social media presence. (*)
Account analysis 
Social strategy & content meeting
Two posts per week on up to two social media profiles
Access to scheduling tools 
Monthly reporting
Content creation
Basic graphic creation
Daily monitoring & interaction



Per Month + VAT
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The perfect social media management for small businesses looking to grow their social media presence. (*)
Account analysis 
Social strategy & content meeting
Three posts per week on up to three social media profiles
Access to scheduling tools 
Monthly reporting
Content creation
Basic graphic creation
Daily monitoring & interaction



Per Month + VAT
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Looking to be the star of the show? This package will do just that. Get ready to shine with platform-specific content to boost your presence. (*)
Account analysis 
Social strategy & content meeting
Four posts per week on up to four social media profiles
Access to scheduling tools 
Monthly reporting
Hashtag research
Platform specific content
Basic graphic creation
Daily monitoring & interaction

Looking for a bit more? 

Do you want something a little extra? Our optional extras can be added to your chosen package, or if you simply want a one-off service, we can do that too.

Content day £500 (exl travel)
Product photos (price to be quoted)
LinkedIn newsletters £150
LinkedIn articles £150
Social media training £500

Want a bit more personalisation? 

Every brand is unique, and your social media strategy should be too.

Tell us your vision, goals, and quirks, and we will get to work and build you a custom social media package that sets your brand apart. Whether you want to increase engagement, build brand awareness, or just have fun online, we have got you covered.

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Become a Thought Leader in your niche... 

Tired of blending into the social media noise? Become a recognised expert in your industry with our thought leadership package!

Business accounts certainly have their place on social media, but building genuine connections through personal profiles is a great way to get your name and your businesses known.

We will help you shape industry conversations, craft compelling content, attract leads, and build lasting influence.

Let's get your voice heard!

Support from start to finish


your social media goals and target audience


your social media platforms and accounts


your personalised content strategy


post and engage with your audience through comments, shares and likes


the results and adjust your strategy based on your findings
Features explained

Social media packages 

Conducting a social media account audit & analysis is a process where we evaluate your social media profiles and optimise them to ensure they align with your business goals.

This includes a comprehensive social media audit to identify areas for improvement and implement necessary changes to improve your social media presence.
The social strategy and content meeting is an essential consultation session where we develop a social media strategy that aligns with your business objectives and understands your marketing goals and target audience.

We also create a content plan for your social media channels, which includes the types of content, the tone of voice, the posting frequency, and the platforms you should use to reach your target audience.
Each package gives you access to our chosen scheduling tool, Content Studio.

You will be given your own personal account, allowing you to view all scheduled content, follow the content plan, and approve or comment on all content before it goes live.
No matter which social media management package you are on, every month, you will be sent a report detailing your social media performance for that month.

These reports include platform-specific information on the following: engagement, impressions, follower growth, top posts and more.

We also offer monthly meetings to discuss the report in person or virtually. This allows you to ask any questions and allows us to do the same. We believe that open communication is key to a successful social media strategy and want to ensure we are always on the same page.
We craft and design each post for each social media package. We curate all ideas and implement them into your strategy.

However, if you have a specific message or content idea you wish to post about, simply let us know, and we will create a fitting post and integrate it into your posting schedule.
Graphic design for social media refers to creating visually appealing branded graphics and images for chosen social media platforms.

While the Expert package has access to our in-house design team, the other packages offer Canva-designed images.
Daily monitoring and interaction is a feature offered to manage and engage with your business's social media audience on a daily basis. We will monitor all posts' comments, likes, follows and other reactions.

This helps build brand awareness, improve customer relationships, and increase engagement on social media.
Hashtag research is the process of finding the most relevant and popular hashtags to use in social media posts.

This helps increase the visibility and discoverability of your content to a wider audience.
Writing platform-specific content refers to creating content tailored to your specific social media platform, considering the platform's features, audience, and best practices to maximise engagement and achieve the desired results for that specific platform.
In-depth account analysis is a process of evaluating a social media profile in detail, including its strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. It can help develop a social media strategy that aligns with business objectives and target audiences.
Ongoing competitor analysis for social media involves constantly monitoring and evaluating your competitors' social media presence, strategies, and tactics to gain insights and stay ahead in the market.

This helps you identify opportunities, improve social media performance, and make better-informed decisions.
Daily monitoring and proactive interaction on social media refer to regularly checking and engaging with social media content to maintain an active and responsive presence.

This helps to build customer loyalty, increase brand awareness, and improve overall engagement levels.
Identifying industry trends on social media involves analysing patterns and changes in content, conversations, and behaviour of users within a particular industry to gain insights and make informed decisions.

It helps businesses to stay up-to-date with the latest developments, engage with their audience effectively, and create relevant content.

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Over 37,700 impressions
Over 170% in engagement
Over 150% in leads
194% increase social referrals 
89% increase in organic users
64% increase in page views 
Over 600,000 impressions
500 + post interactions
Over 4,500 new followers
Offering comprehensive social media marketing services all over the UK.
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