So we asked around the office to find out the teams favourites from this years crop.

Sam Sm


Marks & Spencers ‘Go jumpers for Christmas’

In previous years the M&S offering has gone by without barely a mention. They’ve been fairly safe, run-of-the-mill ads featuring families getting together in M&S clothing eating M&S food. This year however they’ve gone a different route. The standard ‘food porn’ ad for the more successful side of the business was launched, but a second followed shortly after. ‘Go jumper for Christmas’ is a wonderfully daft concept. Basically, get a festive knit on and you won’t be able to stop dancing. The pretty much universally loved and ridiculously catchy House of Pain – ‘Jump Around’ is the chosen track and the perfectly choreographed dance sequences can’t help but make you smile.

M&S have taken a chance this year and in my opinion – they should more often if this 60 seconds of joy is anything to go by.

Sophie Sm

Soph H

Ikea ‘Silence the critics’

Being an outrageous Christmas fanatic myself, I’m very particular when it comes to Christmas adverts – you could say I’m a hard critic to please. But by ‘hard critic’, I mean anything that pulls on my heart strings and makes me giggle. I didn’t think I’d be much impressed by this years Ikea advert, and to be honest, it wasn’t at the forefront of my mind unlike the legendary John Lewis advert and I’m a Celebrity.. Get Me Out Of Here! But when I heard D Double E come on, I instantly looked up from my phone – my eyes were glued to the TV. I think anyone would be mesmerised by inanimate objects spitting absolute bars. Genius.

Gary Sm


John Lewis & Waitrose ‘Excitable Edgar’

I’m a dad to two young children. So when my 18-month-old jumped up and started laughing and pointing when Edgar came on screen it was game over for me. It’s an obvious choice, but you can’t help but be impressed by the animation, production values and the song choice (covered by Bastille’s Dan) is a winner for me.

It’s also got a poignancy to it. A heavy anti-bullying/don’t judge a book by it’s cover message is woven throughout and it is quite timely in my opinion.

Charlotte Sm


McDonald’s ‘Archie the reindeer’

Beautifully animated and yet still on brand (I could tell it was McD’s from the off). This is a very cute entry for 2019. All based around the fact that carrot sticks are rebranded ‘Reindeer treats’ for the festive season, this ad follows a little girl trying to play with her older sister only to get knocked back. Soon she starts to play with an imaginary reindeer in her sisters place. You see the twist coming a mile off, but it still makes you smile just before the animation fades into real life actors (and dog).