In May 2021, we were asked to provide Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services to improve organic traffic and increase leads for a local commercial cleaning company. This was a short term project initially lasting for three months.

Who is Fineclean?

FINECLEAN were founded in 2016 by then student Gabriel Pereira. From his time in shared student accommodation, Gabriel knew how challenging it was to keep student households clean and tidy. He soon realised there was a gap in the market for cleaning student accommodation so formed his own company to fill that gap. 

The company has since grown to cater for not only student accommodation but many types of local businesses.

Search Engine Optimisation Services Provided

To begin working on the project we needed to assess the current state of play with the website. A technical SEO audit was carried out to highlight any problems the site may have. 

It’s fairly common to find sites that have issues with the basics such as meta descriptions, redirects or duplicate pages. 

We also needed to set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console to get an idea of the current levels of performance.

When the audit was completed we reported the findings to Gabriel. We then started work on fixing the issues we had discovered. Once the website was brought up to scratch we looked at other quick wins that could boost the sites performance.  

As the site was relatively new, there were very few backlinks coming in to the site.

Some basic link building was carried out to get the ball rolling. Local online business directories and relevant sites within the cleaning industry were approached to get some links pointing at the site. This increased the number of high quality links to the site and improved the domain authority of the site.

Finally, with direction from the team at FINECLEAN we established their business priorities and the most lucrative types of cleaning contracts. This allowed us to identify the keywords that were most likely to bring relevant traffic to the website.

With the keywords identified, the services pages on the site were rewritten with optimised copy, meta descriptions and titles. Appropriate markup data was also added to the services pages to help improve click through rates.


Although this was a short term project, there were obvious improvements in a very short space of time. 

Organic impressions for the site improved by 231% over the three month period. Traffic has also started to increase. Organic search traffic has increased consistently month on month, with September showing a rise in organic traffic of over 25% when compared to August. 

Sophia Moran, Sales Development Manager with FINECLEAN said:

“The team at Citizen have been invaluable and have increased our lead generation within a short period of time. James’ attention to detail and understanding of SEO and search engines is incredible. 

“FINECLEAN are pleased to keep working with James on strategies to continue to turn our search rank up. James and the team at Citizen are great to work with and we highly recommend them.”

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