EE has refreshed it’s pay as you go offering, cutting down the number of packs into a few pocket pleasing plans for pay as you go customers.

Each of which are jam packed with huge amounts of data – and we were tasked with developing the campaign to support this launch.

We asked the man behind the campaign about his approach…

Jack Sm

Jack – Creative Designer

These new packs really are full of exciting entertainment opportunities that are only available on EE. So trying to replicate that kind of emotion was really important.

The composition is also quite different from EE’s usual look and feel, so it’s been really rewarding to push that slightly out of the mould and show the adaptability of the brand.

It was really interesting to take such an arbitrary object, make it look cool and give it context. There’s a lot of personality you start to notice when you analyse something you normally wouldn’t in order to re-create it using 3D modelling and animation software. The way the light refracts, how no glass surface is actually that smooth, and the little moulded grips on the bottom.

Then theres the actual tiles within the jar, I animated the speed of the tiles to create excitement, almost mimicking a mushroom cloud silhouette.

The campaign is now live so keep your eyes peeled for it in your local store and online. Read more about the available plans here.